Can I get planed lumber from you?

We now offer planed lumber as an added feature. We are installing a high quality planer/moulder for this purpose. In the meantime we can have your order planed for you in Quesnel.

Is the lumber dried?

Almost all our product at this time comes from logs that have been cut for more than 4 years.  The lumber is quite dry, unless rainwater has got at occasional pieces.

How much shrinkage (or warp, cupping and crook) can I expect?

Our cedar is a very stable wood. Because it was cut from dry logs, there will be only a small amount of shrinkage. The lumber is straight and uniform in size.

Do you cut full sizes?

Right now, all our production is full sawn sizes.

When can I pick up an order?  Are you open weekends?

Normal hours right now are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.   Call ahead to be sure.

Can I get shakes or shingles from you?

No, sorry. Nearest producer may be McBride.

Do you sell cedar logs?

We buy logs, but don’t usually sell them. For special uses, you can ask us to sell you some.

Do you have trim ends for crafts, etc.?

We don’t usually select them, but you could talk us into doing so if the volume you need is big enough.

Do you sell firewood?

Yes, $50 per pickup load; $25 per pickup load with a lumber purchase of $200 or more.

Can I buy a small amount of ____?

Yes, we sell small amounts.

Can I pick through and get just what I want?

We’re not a retail yard, and we frown on high-grading.  We may, however, help you to get pieces that will do your specific job.

Can I get a discount?

Discounts are available to regular volume buyers, provided that their order is not for special grades and qualities. Other customers qualify for volume-dependent discounts, provided that they take all the available pieces sequentially in a lift without frequent selection/rejection.  Discounts start for orders of 1,000 fbm and greater.

Wholesale Cedar Sales in Prince George, B. C.